Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day Two - Reykjavik to Akureyri

This morning we had some breakfast, hit the cafe and then headed out on the road. Our plans changed quite significantly and we went with it!

First we drove a couple hours through the rain to the Snaefellsnes penninsula to visit Hotel Búðir. We got a tour of the hotel and restaurant and then had lunch while watching the rain fall out the floor to ceiling windows. Beautiful! I hope hope hope we can come back to stay at this hotel some day -- it's ridiculously lovely.

We then drove to Eiríksstaðir, the farm remanents of where Leif Ericsson was probably born. It was supposed to be the last day the farm was open for the season, but I'm guessing that because of the rain they closed early. So, we drove out there and took a look at the outside of the replica farm house and then left.

Our original plan had us spending the night in Hvammstangi, but last week John found out  that this weekend is Akureyri's 150th anniversary and that there would be lots of things going on. So we drove a couple hours further to be in Akureyri tonight. We checked into our hotel and then headed out to be a part of the "ghost walk", where everyone in town walked around dark streets dressed up as ghosts and skeletons and some spooky horsemen rode around with torches. There was also a concert being played in the street in front of our hotel. Good thing we hadn't planned on going to be early!

Breakfast in Reykjavik with a view of Hallgrimskirkja

Vi in the hotel lobby

Rainy Snaefellsnes

Church at Budir

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