Monday, September 3, 2012

Day Five - Akureyri to Husavik

I’m writing this at the little kitchen table in our cabin in Husavik, Iceland, looking out the window at the rain falling into the Skjalfandi bay. The radiator is next to me under the window, warming me with a lovely heat and my tummy is full of a delcious fish stew. My husband and my babies are happily entertaining themselves and everything is perfect. I can not believe my luck at getting this incredible life. I'm so grateful and am trying to soak in every second through every pore and capture every feeling and sight right into my bones.

We woke up to a very rainy day in Akureyri, after enjoying an incredibly sunny and warm day yesterday. When Violet and I were up and dressed, we braved the rain and walked across town (which takes about 5 minutes) to a café I had seen yesterday. It’s called Kaffi Kolt and is connected to a yarn shop. The entire front of the building, including the columns, are covered and wrapped in knitted and crocheted squares. Talk about adorable. Vi and I hung out at the café with a latte and a sandwich, then bought some Icelandic yarn, until John and Will picked us up after checking out of the hotel.

In my opinion, Iceland looks best under gray skies with a bit of rain, which is exactly what we had as we drove from Akureyri to Husavik. Lovely and green and wild. We stopped at a little heated pond and then arrived at Kaldbaks-Kot cottages just outside of Husavik. After checking in, John brought in the luggage while I made the beds with the linens we were given. We relaxed in the cabin for awhile and then headed into Husavik.

First we stopped at the Samkaup grocery store for a few breakfast supplies and then to Gamli Bauker, a restaurant on the harbour which we ate at last time we were here. I had a very tasty stew with fish caught on one of the boats just out the window. After dinner, we stopped at a gas station grill where I sneakily acquired some salt and pepper and sugar poured into napkins and wrapped into little bundles, for making breakfast. Haha.

So now here we are back at the cabin. The rain clouds are starting to clear a bit to the south, so we are hoping hoping hoping that they’ll clear enough that we can maybe see the northern lights tonight. It was from this very same cabin, almost exactly two years ago, that we saw the most spectacular aurora show (pictures HERE). Cross your fingers for us!

John and Will are about to go soak in the hot tub down the path from our cabin and then we’re going to make some popcorn and hot chocolate and play a game of UNO before going to bed for a few hours. We’ll set an alarm to check for lights in the sky. : )

Me and the V 
Kaffi Kolt

Hot pond

View from our cottage (there are mountains on the other
side which are shrouded in clouds)

Grocery shopping

Gamli Baukur

View from Gamli Baukur

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  1. looks like you guys are having a blast!!! seeing you all bundled up makes me miss colder temps. it's so stinkin' hot here in oklahoma. who needs 100+ degrees in september, honestly.... can't wait to see if the northern lights worked out for you! hope they do :)