Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day Six - Husavik

Wow, there was a crazy storm last night! I could hardly sleep because the wind and rain was so loud and shook our little cabin so hard. After finding some ear plugs I was finally able to go sleep until I rolled over into a puddle on my bed – the wind blew rain in through the cracks in the window pane! Most of the day was stormy also – lots of wind until the afternoon. After the storm there were blue skies and sunshine.

This morning we made breakfast in our tiny kitchen and then spent the day cuddled up inside playing UNO, drawing and reading. It was a wonderfully relaxing day of just doing nothing – an especially nice treat for John who has been working non-stop for months now.

We drove into Husavik for dinner at the gas station grill – cheeseburgers, fries and cokes. After putting Violet to bed I did some cleaning around the cabin in preperation to leave in the morning. Right now (10:30pm) we’re going outside every few minutes to check the status of the aurora borealis that’s going on! It’s still quite light in the sky but we’re starting to see some lights! Can’t believe we’re seeing them again!!! :D

Making breakfast

A happy meal

Bacon smile

Learning how to play chess

Baby nap

Mama nap

Wishing I could stay longer

Icelandic yogurt is the best

Sunsetting over the bay

Happy boy

Pointing to Iceland...sort of

Feels like a big girl

Pretty colors

Northern lights photos taken by John:


  1. "Icelandic yogurt is the best"

    your not wrong there!


  2. again... if reincarnation exists... you know the story.