Friday, August 31, 2012

Day One - LA to Reykjavik

We are in Iceland again! What a dream come true. I really am the luckiest girl in the world. Since John has been in Iceland already for over 2 weeks, I flew here alone with two little kids. I've been anxious about it for several months but everything went perfectly. The kids were great and the travel couldn't have been better.

John picked us up from the Keflavik airport on Thursday at 7:00 am and we went straight to our hotel in Reykjavik. Both kids fell asleep instantly in the car and then continued to sleep once we got to our room. I had a quick bite to eat at the hotel and then we all took a nap for several hours.

I was woken up by a 3.9 earthquake, which was fun. We're on the 5th floor of our hotel so we really felt it. Finally, we pried ourselves out of bed, got bundled up and headed out to walk around town. We stopped for pizza at Hornið, hot drinks at Laundromat Cafe and then to a couple grocery stores looking for disposable diapers in Vi's size but had no success. While John finished up some business at the hotel, the kids and I continued to walk around town a bit more.

After another little rest in our room we had a nice leisurely dinner at Austur-Indíafjelagið. I had tandoori salmon which did not disappoint. We then finally found diapers at the fourth store of the day and went back to the hotel and all fell asleep.

It's now 7:00 am on Friday and everyone is still asleep. I'm glad we all slept through the night even after our weird day yesterday and I think we'll all be pretty good from here on out. Let's hope, anyway! 

We had beautiful sunny weather yesterday but it's been windy and rainy all night. It looks very gray and wet out there now! We were lucky to get such a nice day to walk around the city. Today our plans are a bit amorphous but we are leaving Reykjavik and heading north!

Now for a bunch of iPhone pics. Hopefully I'll have some fancy photos for the subsequent days. :)

At LAX -- our journey begins!

In line to check our bags.

First flight! Such good travelers.

Second flight. Hoping for sleep. Only happened for Vv.

Violet's first international trip! What a lucky baby.

Iceland baby.

We missed Daddy so much.

Asleep instantly in the car!

Such a good brother -- always holds her hand.

Can you see us? We're in Iceland!

Love love love a Scandi breakfast.

Breakfast dessert.

Bundled up to explore the city.

Watching The Beatles walk around as we eat lunch.

Hornid's pretty windows.

Yep, me, too.

The Laundromat Cafe. So pretty.

Hot drink break.


Cozy baby.

View from our room. Pretty city.

A few fancy photos by John: