Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day Three - Akureryi

We slept in today and it was heavenly! And then we got to move next door to a much bigger hotel room. After lunch we hung out around town to check out the things that were going on. In the late afternoon we drove around the peninsula, including over a mountain road (if you can call it that) and through a few long tunnels. Saw lots of gorgeous sights.

After dinner at a Thai restaurant, we fought our way through a crowd watching the concert to get our hotel entrance and at midnight watched a firework show over the fjord from our bedroom window!

It's now 1:30 AM and Will and Violet are wide awake and ready to party. They both took long naps during our drive today. Oops. Hope we can go to bed sometime!!

Building some stuff with wood.

Giant pretty dresses hanging in the sky.

I kind of really want this sheep.

Heading over a mountain.

Sheep on a mountain.

Looking back down from the top.

Moss and glacier water.

Arctic tundra and fifa.

Me at the edge of the Greenland Sea.

Somewhere in the north of Iceland.

Very happy to be here!

Fancy pics:

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