Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day Four - Akureyri and Myvatn

We saw so many things today! Most of which we saw on our last trip here, but we were able to spend more time exploring. After sleeping in (the children didn't fall asleep until after 2:30 am) and having lunch, we headed to the Myvatn area where we checked out steam vents and geothermal activity at the the geothermal power plant, marveled at the beautiful Godafoss, hiked around huge rocks to get to Dettifoss (my favorite waterfall in Iceland) where we saw spectacular rainbows, found secret caves enclosing hot pools and then finally had dinner at my favorite restaurant in the country.

Sweet baby ready to go!

At lunch.


Black sand.

Geothermal happenings.

Walking to Dettifoss.


Rocks around Dettifoss.

My boys.

Baby wearing on the walk/hike to Dettifoss.

The earth is splitting apart here -- North American and European plates. 
It's hard to tell from this photo what exactly is going on,
since I was underground. But it's a very deep and very hot
pool of water in a subterranean cave, called Grjotagja.

Woke up with dandelion hair.

I love this dairy cafe! Everything they serve is raised on the
farm/dairy and it's all so good! 

Cows at the dairy.

View of the farm while eating dinner.

And now for John's photos:

Really happened!

The outside of Grjotagja

Much better photo inside Grjotagja

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